Top 5 Best travel diary apps (2022 Tourist guide)

Top 5 Best travel diary apps (2022 Tourist guide)

Travelling is cathartic for many people, it is a release of stress or it is the accomplishment of a life long dream/ambition to visit a city that has inspired you. For some people, the experience is life changing and they become inspired to document the feelings and emotions that they are going through before, during and after the trip.

Forget about packing a notebook and pens. Use a top travel diary app.

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Day One Journal

Day One Journal is for those who don’t like to endlessly fill papers with feelings and thoughts

Best Features:

  • Day One Journal has a Twitter-like interface to capture moments of your journey.
  • Connecting its functionalities on your phone or laptop, you can collect these memories with pictures, locations, and staps of your traveling.

Pricing: Free

Download: Day One Journal: Private Diary (iOS) 4.8 star rating | Day One Journal (Android) 4.5 star rating, over 500 000 downloads.

Planning an international vacation? Make use of a top travel app.

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With Tripcast, you can share your online travel journal on a private feed for friends and family.

Best Features:

  • Option to create a diary with fellow travellers; functional and user-friendly feed.
  • While you travel, the app uploads your pictures on a map, and your home people can comment on your adventures.

Pricing: Free

Download: Tripcast (iOS) 4.8 star rating | Tripcast (Android) 4 star rating, over 10 000 downloads.

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Bonjournal is the best travel journal app to share pictures without Wi-fi.

Best Features:

  • You can select and set your photos offline, creating private posts and tags on social media.
  • You can share your stories only with app users.
  • You can print your online traveling diary even for those without a smartphone.

Pricing: Free

Download: Bon Journal (iOS) 4 star rating

Do you know what a travel app is and the benefits that they can offer you?

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Penzu is one of the highest rated free diary apps availible.

Best features:

  • With Penzu, you can organize posts into categories as a private diary.
  • You can connect posts with locations.
  • The trip journal app allows sharing your posts via mail or publishing with a link for others.

Pricing: Free

Download: Penzu (iOS) 4.3 star rating | Penzu (Android) 4.3 star rating, over 500 000 downloads

Remaining connected when you are travelling abroad is important.

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Esplorio is one of the best travel journal apps to share your moments with family and friends.

Best Features:

  • Esplorio allows you to map out routes, automatically checking the visited places using pictures to create a journal.
  • The design doesn’t impact your battery, and you share your content if you want to change settings.

Pricing: Free

Download: Esplorio Travel Journal & Blog (iOS) 4.4 star rating

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Travel Diary websites

NameDescriptionBest forSearches on GoogleCost
Travel DiariesTravel Diaries is a travel journal website where you can document your travel experiencesMaking detailed notes about your travelOver 20 000Free
WorldeeWorldee is a platform that connects you with an experienced traveller or with an expat living in the part of the world you’re interested in.Paring with a seasoned traveller to enhance your experienceOver 20 000Free
Wanderlog 2.0Wanderlog 2.0 is a travel website with a difference. Document your trip in real time and share it with connections.Write notes and map places you want to go on your trip in a single document with real-time collaboration. Export your itinerary to Google Maps for when you’re on the go.Over 20 000Free
TrippoTrippo inspires travellers through the travel journals of other travellers.Trippo helps you capture and organise travel ideas you discovered on ANY app or website by simply taking a screenshot. It will tell you where it is and show you more stunning photos of the place to make sure you will pick the right destination for your next adventure.Over 20 000Free

TravelFacets 2.0
TravelFacets 2.0 is a digital travel diaryCreate your trips based on your photos. Receive individual statistics and maps from your completed trips. Browse trips created by other travellers.Over 20 000Free

There are significant benefits to travelling abroad.

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One of the best features of travel itinerary apps is that most of them are crowd sourced. Therefore, you know you are travelling to a location/sight that is popular with other tourists. This will help you maximise your travelling experience.

Travel itinerary apps FAQ

  • Do I have to be an experienced journal writer to use a travel diary app?

Most travel journal apps help you write your journal by providing you with ideas that will inspire you.

  • What makes travel diary apps so popular?

Travellers like to remember their favourite trips. As time passes, small details of the trips may be forgotten in favour of the major moments. Making a note of these small moments will ensure that you don’t forget them.

  • Can I keep my travel diary entries personal?

While many travel diary apps encourage you to share your experiences, they do offer the option of private entries.

  • Will travel diary apps be available in my language of choice?

Most travel diary apps are designed in English. However, most top apps will allow you to change the language of the app into your language of choice.

  • Are travel diary apps free?

Most travel diary apps are free. Most will also offer you an option of upgrading to a premium service or will offer in-app purchases to upsell certain app functionality.