Top 5 Best car rental apps & websites (2022 Travel guide)

Top 5 Best car rental apps & websites (2022 Travel guide)

While the best way to explore a city is on foot, and the cheapest way to explore a city is by using public transport, some travellers want to have the freedom of getting in a car and going on an adventure. This also opens the door for travellers to leave the city on a day trip to explore the countryside.

Make sure you are using a top car rental app.

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Turo is the world’s largest car sharing marketplace for many reasons. All car owners are verified and rated, the prices are clear, and booking is very easy. The app is suitable both for riders and car sharing businesses.

Best Features:

  • Choose an exact car you want
  • Less waiting and hassle compared to others
  • Cheaper than other renting car apps (prices start at $25/day)

Pricing: Free

Downloads: Turo – Rent the perfect car (iOS) 4.8  star rating, Turo – Rent the perfect car (Android) 4.9 star rating, over 5 million downloads.

Make sure that you are using a top travel app when planning your next vacation.

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CARNGO is a rising star when it comes to apps for renting a car. The service works with over a hundred car rental platforms from all over the world, so it’s a good option for travel.

Best Features:

  • Prices are average
  • Simple and quick car rental process
  • App runs smoothly and with no bugs

Pricing: Free

Downloads: Car Rental Carngo car hire App (iOS) 5 star rating, CARNGO Car Rental (Android) 4.8 star rating, over 500 000 downloads.

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This app for car rental was designed for carless urban dwellers who like to leave the city once in a while. Free2Move offers plenty of car choices, especially for both quick trips. Besides car sharing, this top app also has info on parking and EV charging stations.

Best Features:

  • Prices are average
  • Customer support is responsive
  • Some cars might arrive dirty inside

Pricing: Free

Downloads: Free2move: Carsharing & Rental (iOS) 4.5 star rating, Free2move Car Sharing & Rental (Android) 4 star rating, over 500 000 downloads.

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Enterprise is a reliable and straightforward car rental app that works in 7,000+ locations worldwide. The service has been active since the 1950s and scores some of the highest ratings in the industry today.

Best Features:

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Good selection of cars for rental
  • Bonus points for premium accounts

Pricing: Free

Downloads: Enterprise Rent-A-Car (iOS) 4.9 star rating, Enterprise Car Rental (Android) 4.6 star rating, over 1 million downloads.

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Prefer to borrow cars from people, not companies? Then Getaround is a good car rentals app for you. The prices start as low as $5 per hour, so you could give it a try for a budget-friendly car rental.

Best Features:

  • Wide variety of cars for every budget
  • You can share your car to earn money, too
  • Most cars arrive clean and with pre-agreed fuel levels

Pricing: Free

Downloads: Getaround – Instant Car Rental (iOS) 4.7 star rating, Getaround – Instant Car Rental (Android) 3.6 star rating, over 500 000 downloads.

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5 Best Car Rental Websites

NameDescriptionBest forSearches on GoogleCost offers rental deals at large airports like Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport, Southwest Florida International Airport, Detroit Wayne County International, McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and more! Cheap auto rental prices can also be found at smaller airport locations like Charleston International Airport and Portland International Jetport Airport as well.Car Rental BookingsOver 30 millionFree is a car rental website that caters for your unique needs.Car Rental BookingsOver 30 millionFree
HotwireCar rentals on Hotwire offered some of the lowest rates by way of “opaque” rates in most of my U.S. tests. Opaque means that you don’t find out about the rental company until after you pay the non-refundable price. Given the sameness of cars, however, you risk very little disappointment with an opaque rate.Car Rental BookingsOver 30 millionFree
PricelineLike Hotwire, Priceline car rentals list opaque rates as the lowest options in many U.S. cities. Although Hotwire posted lower ones more often, Priceline was a winner in some cases. So if you’re looking for the lowest, you have to try both.Car Rental BookingsOver 30 millionFree
ExpediaExpedia consistently offered or matched the lowest or near-lowest rates as frequently as Priceline and did. Plus the option to bundle with your airfare or hotel is easy and could save you money (as with other price comparison engines), if you already use Expedia for those, as many do.Car Rental BookingsOver 30 millionFree

When booking a car rental, it is important to note that you will need to produce your drivers licence when collecting the car. Also take note of which side of the road you will need to drive on at your dream destination.

Car Rental apps FAQ

  • How do I know I am using a top car rental app?

Like all apps, car rental apps live off reviews. Take a look at the star rating before downloading the app and read some of the reviews left by other users.

  • Will my information be safe when booking a car through a car rental app?

All apps are designed to adhere to specific safety standards. Some apps even apply to strict privacy laws like the GDPR.

  • Do I have to have a permanent internet connection when using a car rental app?

Yes. Car rental deals are presented in real time and depend on permanent connectivity.  

  • How do car rental apps make their money?

The majority of their money is made of advertisements. However, some apps may offer in-app purchases.  

  • Will my preferred car rental app be able to book a car in any country in the world?

Most car rental apps work off geo location and will be able to find you the best deal in the country you are visiting.