Top 5 Best couch surfing apps (2022 Travellers guide)

Top 5 Best couch surfing apps (2022 Travellers guide)

Travelling can be expensive and may be seen as the realm of the rich or those who have a steady job to pay for accommodation. But what about travellers who want to travel on a budget or students who feel that spending a year travelling will help them focus their minds about their next step in life? Cheap accommodation is at your fingertips.

Make sure you are using a top couch surfing app.

Planning an international vacation? Make sure that you are using an international prepaid SIM card.


Couchsurfing is the best way to stay with amazing locals, make lifelong travel friends, or host travellers coming to your hometown. Over 12 million travel enthusiasts use Couchsurfing in more than 230 000 cities around the world.

Best Features:

•             Find hosts in your next destination. Browse the millions of local hosts offering a place to stay in thousands of cities and towns;

•             Make New Friends. Discover thousands of fun events planned by other Couchsurfers in your hometown or in your next travel destination; and

•             Meet Travellers Without Traveling. Host or meet up with incoming travellers coming to your city.

Pricing: Free

Downloads: Couchsurfing Travel App (iOS) 4.6  star rating, Couchsurfing Travel App (Android) 4.1 star rating, over 5 million downloads.

Make sure that you are using a top travel app when planning your next vacation.

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Airbnb is known more for its house rentals and now, activities you can do in different cities — but many people don’t know that you can rent individual rooms for cheap or even just beds in a house. For a couple of dollars a night, you can stay in a whole new city.

Best Features:

•             Discover millions of possibilities. Choose from unique homes – near or far – in many countries around the world. Find everything from getaways near national parks to apartments in the heart of big cities and book right in the app;

•             Find one-of-a-kind homes. Easily explore the world of Airbnb – and discover homes that you wouldn’t have known to look for; and

•             Stay longer and experience more. Split Stays is an innovative new feature that intelligently splits one trip across two homes.

Pricing: Free

Downloads: Airbnb (iOS) 4.8 star rating, Airbnb (Android) 4.6 star rating, over 100 million downloads.

Curious to know which apps are the most popular?

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With the HomeAway mobile app you can quickly and easily access all the tools you need to plan, book and manage your stay.

Best Features:

•             Dream your perfect holiday. Browse popular destinations and holiday rentals in more than 190 countries;

•             Book your holiday rental. Book and pay directly through the app; and

•             Currency is displayed as USD, GBP, and EUR in the property listings, unless otherwise noted.

Pricing: Free

Downloads: HomeAway Holiday Rentals (iOS) 4.3 star rating, HomeAway Vacation Rentals (Android) 3.9 star rating, over 10 million downloads.

Are you still wondering what a travel app is and why you need one?

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Homestay accommodation is about more than just a place to stay, it’s about who you stay with. Guests share the home with their host. Browse more than 50,000 homestays in 140 countries around the world to find your perfect host.

Best Features:

•             Easy booking;

•             Search accomodation options in over 150 countries; and

•             Currency is displayed as USD, GBP, and EUR. 

Pricing: Free

Downloads: (Android) 4.5 star rating, over 50 000 downloads.

Considering using a travel SIM card?

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More than a website that gives you deals on hotels. allows you to search for accommodation similar to those found in Airbnb.

Best Features:

  • Book your whole trip in one app
  • Stay flexible with free cancellation (available at most properties)
  • 24/7 customer service in more than 40 languages

Pricing: Free

Downloads: Hotels & Travel (iOS) 4.8 star rating, Hotels and more (Android) 4.7 star rating, over 500 million downloads.

There are significant benefits to using a travel SIM card.

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5 Best Couch Surfing Websites

NameDescriptionBest forSearches on GoogleCost
TrustedHoussitterTrustedHoussitter is a couchsurfing website that combines the passion for travel and pets in one. On this platform, people offer free accommodation in exchange for taking care of their pets, plants, or houses.Sourcing couchsurfing accommodationOver 30 millionFree
HouseCarersYour plants and pets will never be neglected when you go couchsurfing thanks to HouseCarers. They have been around creating successful collaborations between house sitters and travellers since the early 2000s. HouseCarers truly deserves its rightful place amongst the best couchsurfing websites.Sourcing couchsurfing accommodationOver 30 millionFree
AirbnbThe platform offers accommodations owned by locals or people residing in a particular area for a longer period. Get to know the locals by booking a stay through Airbnb, create relationships, and get the experience of a lifetime.Sourcing couchsurfing accommodationOver 30 millionFree
WarmShowersWarmShowers merges the love of traveling and cycling in one great experience with just a click away.Sourcing couchsurfing accommodationOver 30 millionFree
BeWelcome This couchsurfing website offers a place for travellers and hosts to connect from all parts of the world with ease.Sourcing couchsurfing accommodationOver 30 millionFree

Safety is paramount when opting to travel using couchsurfing accommodation. Maker sure that you know how to respond to an emergency and that you make use of a top travel safety app.

Couch Surfing apps FAQ

  • How do I know I am using a top couchsurfing app?

Like all apps, couchsurfing apps live off reviews. Take a look at the star rating before downloading the app and read some of the reviews left by other users.

  • Is couchsurfing safe?
    Couchsurfing apps and websites offers users to comment about their experience with their host. If you find a host and place that you like, look through the reviews in the comment section. This will help you get a feeling for the place and person.
  • Do I have to have a permanent internet connection when using a couchsurfing app?

No. Once you have booked your accommodation you will typically be emailed an itinerary. This can be accessed and stored offline.   

  • How do Couchsurfing apps make their money?

The majority of their money is made of advertisements. However, some apps may offer in-app purchases.  

  • Will my preferred couch surfing app offer deals in my preferred currency?

Most couch surfing apps present their deals in Dollars, Pounds or Euros unless otherwise stated or selected by the user.