Top 10 Best GPS navigation apps on Android & iPhone

Top 10 Best GPS navigation apps on Android & iPhone

It is with no doubt that technology has become our daily routine as it makes our lives easier. Today, GPS navigation apps are used by millions of people around the world because they help us travel quicker and more conveniently.

This article discusses what navigation apps are and how they benefit our travelling experiences. It is also best to get a travel SIM card when going on a trip to be able to communicate with your loved ones at a very low price.

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What is a navigation app?

A navigation app is an application in a smartphone that provides navigational directions to users. Navigation apps helps you reach a certain destination faster, safer, and more conveniently. Navigation apps include Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, TomTom, and many more.

Navigation apps provides you with features like turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, traffic updates, estimated arrival time, bicycle routes, and access to offline maps. The apps are also functional on the most popular platforms like the web, iOS, and Android.

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Benefits of navigation apps

Navigation apps play a big role in our lives as they help us to easily find a desired destination from our cars, mobile phones, computer, or any device that has GPS functionality. Here are some benefits of navigation apps.

Navigation apps are very convenient because they allow users to contribute necessary information and mark places of importance thereby generating the most accurate description of a location. It makes ii convenient for you to visit any destination of your choice.

Connectivity helps you to easily share your location with your loved ones through text message or social media. Sharing your travel status and current location while travelling is important, not only for the traveller but also their friends and family who wait at the destination.

Time saving
Navigation apps can save you a lot of time by getting the status of traffic, to locating the shortest and fastest way to reach your destination and knowing exactly how long it will take them to reach their destination.

Most navigation apps are usually free and easily available on all major app stores. Fortunately, most smart phones these days also have automatic inbuilt application that serves the same purpose as independent navigation apps.

Easy to use
Navigation apps are very easy to use and requires minimal skills or effort, especially when compared to traditional methods and technologies, such as map-reading. All you need to do is input the destination and the app will do the rest.

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Top 5 GPS navigation apps

1. Google Maps

Google maps

Best features:

  • Download maps for offline use
  • Add a stop to your trip
  • Keep a list of favourite places
  • Change time to see accurate results
  • Share location with friend

Pricing: : $200 monthly is enough to support almost all Google maps users’ needs while using the app. It can also be free.

Downloads: About 106M+ downloads

Star rating: 4.7

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2. Waze


Best features:

  • Spoken turn-by-turn directions
  • Real time traffic reports
  • Real time Gas prices
  • Toll road avoidance
  • Supporting for multiple languages

Pricing: Free on smartphones and tablets with GPS functionality.

Downloads: About 100M+

Star rating: 4.4

Android download

iOS download

3. HERE WeGo


Best features:

  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Real-time traffic and reversible lane traffic
  • Collections and location sharing
  • Offline maps
  • Future coverage

Pricing: Free to use.

Downloads: About 10M

Star rating: 3.5

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4. OsmAnd


Best features:

  • Works totally offline
  • Turn-by-turn guidance
  • Announce traffic warnings
  • Optional lane guidance
  • Supports intermediate points to your itinerary

Pricing: Free/ Up to $8.99

Downloads: About 5M+

Star rating: 4.5

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Best features:

  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Based on OpenStreetMap
  • Apps with Offline map
  • GPS location tracking
  • Public transportation

Pricing: The app is completely free with no in-app purchases.

Downloads: About 50M+

Start rating: 4.3

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5 Best compass apps for Android

NameDescriptionBest forSearches on Google (monthly)Cost
Digital compass by AxiomaticDigital Compass is a simple app with both a compass and a map.Best for going camping.170Free/ Up to $6.49
Fulmine software compassFulmine Software is a developer on Google Play with a decent, basic compass app.Best for hiking.10Free/Up to $2.49
Compass steel 3DIt has a wide range of themes for customization purposes and that separates it a bit from the pack.Best for boating.10Free
PixelProse SARL CompassThe app uses GPS for its best accuracy readings.Best for hunting.10Free/$3.49
Smart compassThe app includes a GPS speedometer as well as a screen capture tool.Best for off-road.40Free

5 Best compass apps of iOS

NameDescriptionBest forSearches on GoogleCost
CompassHighly useful and accurate compass replacement for the standard compass.Best for outdoor activities like hiking and road trips.18100Free (Offers in-app purchases)
Commander Compass GoIt’s jam-packed with features that will assist you in almost any situation.Best for going on off-road activities.10Free (Offers in-app purchases)
Precise Digital CompassIt’s designed to save you from getting lost in challenging circumstances.Best for outdoor activities like picnics, camping and hiking.10Free (Offers in-app purchases)
Compass 54 LiteCompass 54 is a great compass app for your iPad or iPhone that gets the job done.Best for checking weather, location etc.0Free (Offers in-app purchases)
Accurate Compass NavigationThe accurate compass navigation app for iPhone is a basic, easy-to-use program with various customization options.Best for outdoor activities.0Free (Offers in-app purchase

Navigation apps FAQs

1. What is the importance of navigation apps?

The apps also allow you to contribute necessary information and mark places of importance thereby generating the most accurate description of a location.

2. How does the navigation system work?

Satellite Navigation is based on a global network of satellites that transmit radio signals from medium earth orbit.

3. What is navigation technology?

Navigation technology is about the ability to mainly store, or present information and recall the locations of objects in places or spaces and often within a context of time.

4. Which apps are used for navigational purpose?

Google Maps and Waze are both excellent GPS apps.

5. What is the main benefit of using navigational apps?

It helps people reach their destination, helps to track parcels, stolen vehicles, missing persons, properties etc.