Top 10 best places to visit in January (2022 Tourist travel guide)

Top 10 best places to visit in January (2022 Tourist travel guide)

For every vacation, trip or holiday, a tourist guide is needed. Whether a family vacation, a cruise, Island getaway, or round the world trip, a guide will help you travel better and cheaper.

Getting an international SIM card will also make your trip much easier as you will be able to communicate with your loved ones from anywhere around the world.

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Why is January the best time to travel?

January is considered as the best month for travelling because of its climate and festive. Travelling in January might be the best option for you because prices are so much better because airlines anticipate less traffic especially if you are travelling to non-tropical places.

Travelling destinations are less crowded in January, so if you are an introverted traveller, you will avoid tourism masses and be able to take part in many activities around the designated area of your travel.

The lack of visitors may make your experience quieter, but you will enjoy the lack of long queues, the architecture, and activities without being elbowed out of the way. Therefore, January is convenient.

Best festivals in January

Here are the best festivals in January around the world.

  • Kaapse Klopse- South Africa
  • Chinese New Year- Worldwide
  • Sapporo Ice Festival- Japan
  • Ocaso Festival- Costa Rica
  • Voodoo Festival- Benin
  • International Kite Festival- India
  • Bagan Ananda Pagoda Festival- Myanmar
  • Bun Pha Wet- Laos
  • Cape Minstrel Carnival- South Africa
  • Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Festival- Mexico

International holidays in January

Holidays are very important because the enable citizens to take a day off at work and attend to their hobbies, take trips, and spend more time with their friends and family. Holidays reduce stress and give you time to recharge your energy.

Here are international holidays in January.

Day (January)HolidayCountry
1New YearWorldwide
3Revolution DayBurkina Faso
4Independence DayBurma
 Martyrs of Independence DayZaire
6Army DayIraq
 Children’s DayUruguay
9Martyr’s DayPanama
11Republic DayAlbania
 Unification DayNepal
12Revolution DayTanzania
13Liberation DayTogo
15Arbor DayJordan
 Coming of Age DayJapan
 Lima foundation weekPeru
 Tamil Thai Pongal DaySri Lanka
19Martin Luther King JrUSA
20Award DayMali
21Altagracia DayDominican Republic
 Army DayLesotho
 Errol Barrow DayBarbados
22Discovery DaySaint Vincent
26Australia DayAustralia
 Duarte DayDominican Republic
 Liberation DayUganda
 Republic DayIndia
27Saint Devota’s DayMonaco
 Vietnam DayVietnam
28Democracy DayRwanda
31Independence DayNauru

Travel tips for a January vacation

Travelling in January can be a lot of fun. There is a variety of less crowded entertainment for all ages, and many people opt to travel at that time. If you are one of the lucky individuals travelling in January, there are tips to help you to travel smart and not forget anything important.

  • Research your destination first.
  • Do not be stuck in the same area during the entire vacation, explore different places.
  • Be sure to monitor the weather.
  • If you’re travelling by road, check vehicle before planning to travel.
  • It may be cold around that time so carry extra clothes like gloves, coat, boots blankets and so on.
  • Select early morning flights, the sooner you leave the earlier you arrive at your destination.
  • Follow your airline and airport on social media.
  • Get the right travel insurance.
  • Eat proper food while on holiday, especially in cold weather.
  • Always keep your devices charged.

10 Best places to visit in Asia in January

Asia visit

Asia is the earth’s largest and most populous continent. It is known as the birthplace of most of the world’s mainstream religions such as, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and many more.

Apart from these amazing facts, there are also best places to visit in Asia when vacationing. Here are the best places to visit in January for a great time.

  1. Phuket- Thailand
  2. Gansu- China
  3. Unawatuna- Sri Lanka
  4. Phong Nha-ke Bang- Vietnam
  5. Okinawa- Japan
  6. Canggu- Bali
  7. Taipei- Taiwan
  8. Kep- Cambodia
  9. New Delhi- India
  10. Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia

8 Best places to visit in Africa in January


Known as the second biggest continent in the world, Africa Is also packed with the world’s biggest things and amazing wildlife safaris. It is rich in cultural heritage and diversity, natural resources and has great tourist attractions. Africa is usually warm in January so this will ensure that you have a great time.

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If you want to travel to Africa for a breath-taking experience, here are the best places to visit in January.

  1. Zanzibar- Tanzania
  2. Quirimbas Archipelago- Mozambique
  3. Kalahari Desert- Botswana
  4. Cape Town & Garden Route- South Africa
  5. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park- Uganda
  6. Southern Serengeti- Tanzania
  7. Big Cat Kingdom- Kenya
  8. African Gorilla Sanctuaries- Congo

10 Best places to visit in North America in January

Places visit North America

North America has the most famous landmarks, including Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Redwood national park and many more. It is also home to many endangered animals such as the American bison, the banana bat or the cougar.

With that said, there is a lot to explore in North America. Here are the best places to visit in January.

  1. Whistler- Canada
  2. Sun Valley- Idaho
  3. Lake Tahoe- California
  4. Jackson Hole- Wyoming
  5. Missoula- Montana
  6. Montreal- Canada
  7. Fairbanks- Alaska
  8. Abraham Lake- Alberta
  9. Yosemite National Park- California
  10. Canyon National park- Utah

6 Best places to visit in South America

Southern America

Southern America is a home to the world’s largest river (The Amazon) and the world’s driest place (The Atacama Desert). Known as the fourth largest continent in the world and the continent of extremes, South America has great places to visit and explore when vacationing.

Here are some of the best places to visit in January for an amazing experience.

  1. Santiago- Chile
  2. Buenos Aires- Argentina
  3. The Pantanal- Brazil
  4. Cartagena- Colombia
  5. The Avenue of volcanoes- Ecuador
  6. Galapagos Islands- Ecuador

10 Best places to visit in Antarctica in January


Antarctica can be described as the world’s highest, driest, windiest, coldest, and iciest continent. It holds most of the world’s fresh water and has a subglacial lake that flows blood red.

With that said, lets see some of the best places you can visit in Antarctica and experience its unique nature.

  1. Falkland Islands
  2. Drake Passage
  3. South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
  4. Antarctic Peninsula
  5. Port Lockroy
  6. Ross Islands
  7. Lemaire Channel
  8. Ross Sea/ Ice Shelf
  9. Amundsen Scott South Pole Station
  10. South Shetland Islands

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10 Best places to visit in Europe in January

Europe visit

Europe is the second smallest continent located in the Northern Hemisphere, with the third largest population. Europe is described as a “peninsula of peninsulas” which means a piece of land surrounded by water on three sides.

Europe is also an interesting place to go on vacation with friends and family. Here are some best places to visit in January.

  1. Rovaniemi- Finland (filled with snowy fun)
  2. The Canary Islands (You hike on volcanoes)
  3. Malta (Warmest country in Europe)
  4. Barcelona- Spain (One of the best places to visit in January)
  5. London- UK (Attractive festivals and events)
  6. Pisa- Italy (Leaning tower experience)
  7. Ghent- Belgium (Edgy historical architecture)
  8. Santorini- Greece (Coastal Island on the banks of the Aegean Sea)
  9. Venice- Italy (Most romantic location)
  10. Amsterdam- Netherlands (fascinating museums)

7 Best places to visit in Australia in January

Australia Flag

Australia is known for its natural wonders, wide open spaces, beaches, deserts, and many more interesting features. Australia has the most unique and interesting attractions for people of all ages.

There are several places you can visit in Australia with great activities and interesting sites.

  1. Lake Macquarie- New South Wales
  2. Cumberland River- Victoria
  3. Johanna Beach- Victoria
  4. Mount Barney National park- Queensland
  5. Lane Pool Reserve- Western Australia
  6. Ikara-Flinders Rangers National Park- South Australia
  7. Melbourne- Vic
  8. Norfolk Island

January holiday FAQs

1. What is the best country to visit in January?

The best countries to visit in January are Phuket, Bali, Maldives, Seychelles, Dubai and many more.

2. Where is the best weather in January to vacation?

The best weather in January is in places like Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, Aruba, Bahamas, Cape Town, Zanzibar and many more.

3. Where are the warmest places to visit in January?

The warmest places to visit in January are Costa Rica, Barbados, Cuba, Israel, Sri Lanka and many more.

4. What is the best beach destination to visit in January?

The best beach destinations to visit are the South Beach, Byron Bay, Carilo, Waimea Beach Park and many more.

5. What Islands are nice to visit in January?

Top Islands to visit in January are Andaman Islands, Canary Islands, The Cook Islands, The Dalmatian Islands and many more.