Top 10 best places to visit in March (2022 Tourist travel guide)

Top 10 best places to visit in March (2022 Tourist travel guide)

For every vacation, trip or holiday, a tourist guide is needed. Whether a family vacation, a cruise, Island getaway, or round the world trip, a guide will help you travel better and cheaper.

Getting an international SIM card will also make your trip much easier as you will be able to communicate with your loved ones from anywhere around the world.

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Why is March the best time to travel?

March is a good to have an affordable trip as it is shoulder season for many countries. It is a month where the merry mood of new year celebrations has not subsided yet. March is a great time to travel to a far away destination because that’s when mild summer winds make way.

March is a happy and blooming month, where the temperature is also moderate, so going on a beautiful long vacation will be an amazing idea no matter your travel style or budget. There are many destinations you can visit in March and participate in amazing activities blissfully.

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Best festivals in March

Here are some of the best festivals in March around the world.

  • Food and Fun Festival- Iceland (March 4-8)
  • SXSW Festival- USA (March 11-20)
  • St Patrick’s Day Festival- Ireland (March 12-12)
  • Narvik Winter Festival- Norway (March 18-27)
  • Holi Festival- India & Nepal (March 19)
  • Cape Town Jazz Festival- South Africa (March 29-30)
  • Las Fallas- Valencia (March 15-19)
  • Starkbierzeit- Munich (March 18)
  • Kakku Pagoda Festival- Shan state, Myanmar (March 10-12)
  • Night of the witches- Mexico (March 4)

International holidays in March

Holidays are very important because the enable citizens to take a day off at work and attend to their hobbies, take trips, and spend more time with their friends and family. Holidays reduce stress and give you time to recharge your energy.

Here are international holidays in March.

Day (March)Holiday Country
1Heroes’ DayParaguay
Independence Movement DaySouth Korea
2Adowa DayEthiopia
Independence DayMorocco
Peasant’s DayBurma
3Discovery DayGuam
Liberation DayBulgaria
Martyr’s DayMalawi
National Unit DaySudan
4Lantern FestivalTaiwan
6Independence Day Ghana
8Congolese Women’s DayCongo
Decoration DayLiberia
9 Baron Bliss DayBelize
Commonwealth DayGibraltar
10Labour DaySouth Korea
11National DayLithuania
12Independence DayMauritius
Moshoeshoe’s DayLesotho
Renovation DayGabon
13National DayGrenada
14St. Joseph’s DayColombia
15JJ Robert’s Day Liberia
17Evacuation Day (Boston only)USA
Nyepi DayIndonesia
ST. Patrick’s DayUSA, Canada, Ireland
18Aruba DayAruba
Marien Ngouabi DayCongo
19Youth Day Zambia
20Independence DayTunisia
Start of springEurope
21Benito Juarez’s BirthdayMexico
Youth DayTunisia
22Abolition DayPuerto Rico
23 Pakistan DayPakistan
24Africa DayZambia
25Annunciation Liechtenstein
Independence DayGreece, Cyprus
26Independence dayBangladesh
27Armed Forces DayBurma
Evacuation DayAngola
29Boganda DayCentral African Republic
31Freedom DayMalta

Travel tips for a March vacation

Travelling in March can be a lot of fun. There is a variety of less crowded entertainment for all ages, and many people opt to travel at that time because the weather is warm. If you are one of the lucky individuals travelling in March, there are tips to help you to travel smart and not forget anything important.

  • Research your destination first.
  • Do not be stuck in the same area during the entire vacation, explore different places.
  • Be sure to monitor the weather.
  • If you’re travelling by road, check vehicle before planning to travel.
  • Always carry extra clothes like gloves, coat, boots blankets and so on.
  • Select early morning flights, the sooner you leave the earlier you arrive at your destination.
  • Follow your airline and airport on social media.
  • Get the right travel insurance.
  • Eat proper food while on holiday, especially in cold weather.
  • Always keep your devices charged.

10 Best places to visit in Asia in March

Best places to visit in Asia

Asia is the earth’s largest and most populous continent. It is known as the birthplace of most of the world’s mainstream religions such as, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and many more. You can also get to taste some of their best dishes like the chilli crab, khantoke dinner, curry feast and many more.

Apart from these amazing facts, there are also best places to visit in Asia when vacationing. Here are the best places to visit in March for a great time.

  1. Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia
  2. Bangkok- Thailand
  3. Ho Chi Minh City- Vietnam
  4. Luang Prabang- Laos
  5. Siem Reap- Cambodia
  6. Kerala- India
  7. Bali- Indonesia
  8. Kathmandu- Nepal
  9. Chiang Mai- Thailand
  10. Hanoi- Vietnam

8 Best places to visit in Africa in March

Best places to visit in Africa

Known as the second biggest continent in the world, Africa Is also packed with the world’s biggest things and amazing wildlife safaris. It is rich in cultural heritage and diversity, natural resources and has great tourist attractions. Africa is usually warm in March so this will ensure that you have a great time.

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If you want to travel to Africa for a breath-taking experience, here are the best places to visit in March.

  1. Serengeti- Tanzania
  2. Masai Mara- Kenya
  3. The Quirimbas Archipelago
  4. Kruger National Park- South Africa
  5. Botswana- Makgadikgadi Pans
  6. Cape Town- South Africa
  7. Lamu- Kenya
  8. Mafia Island- Tanzania

10 Best places to visit in North America in March

Best places to visit in North America

North America has the most famous landmarks, including Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Redwood national park and many more. It is also home to many endangered animals such as the American bison, the banana bat or the cougar.

With that said, there is a lot to explore in North America. Here are the best places to visit in March.

  1. Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve
  2. Golden Isles- Georgia
  3. Philadelphia- Pennsylvania
  4. Fairbanks- Alaska
  5. Texas Hill Country
  6. Nantucket and Martha’s Vinyard- Massachusetts
  7. Petit Jean State Park- Arkansas
  8. The Tidal Basin- Washington
  9. Kauai- Hawaii
  10. Saguaro National Park- Arizona

8 Best places to visit in South America in March

Best places to visit in South America

Southern America is a home to the world’s largest river (The Amazon) and the world’s driest place (The Atacama Desert). Known as the fourth largest continent in the world and the continent of extremes, South America has great places to visit and explore when vacationing.

Here are some of the best places to visit in March for an amazing experience.

  1. The Pantanal & Amazon- Brazil
  2. Santiago- Chile
  3. Mendoza- Argentina
  4. San Blas Islands- Panama
  5. Whale-Shark Spotting- Belize
  6. Mexico City- Mexico
  7. Rio de Janeiro- Brazil
  8. Cartagena- Colombia

8 Best places to visit in Antarctica in March

Places to visit in Antarctica

Antarctica can be described as the world’s highest, driest, windiest, coldest, and iciest continent. It holds most of the world’s fresh water and has a subglacial lake that flows blood red.

With that said, lets see some of the best places you can visit in Antarctica and experience its unique nature.

  1. Salar Uyuni- Bolivia
  2. Snow Hill Island- Peruse penguins
  3. Kayak around Antarctic sea ice- Neumayer Channel
  4. View humpback whales- Petermann Island
  5. Cruise the Ross Seas- Ross Sea
  6. Observe Antarctic Whales- Cuverville Island
  7. Camp under the Southern Hemisphere skies- Paradise Bay
  8. Live the Antarctic basement experience- Neumayer Channel

10 Best places to visit in Europe in March

Best place to visit in Europe

Europe is the second smallest continent located in the Northern Hemisphere, with the third largest population. Europe is described as a “peninsula of peninsulas” which means a piece of land surrounded by water on three sides.

Europe is also an interesting place to go on vacation with friends and family. Here are some best places to visit in March.

  1. Berlin-Germany (Cool festivals in March)
  2. Venice-Italy (Fewer crowds)
  3. Tenerife- Spain (Flowers blooming)
  4. Provence- France (Wonderful road trip opportunities)
  5. Copenhagen- Denmark (Museums galore)
  6. Seville- Spain (Sightseeing without crowds)
  7. Lisbon- Portugal (Comfortable temperatures)
  8. London- England (Cruise through the city)
  9. Geneva- Switzerland (Beautiful nature)
  10. Budapest- Hungary (Best festivals)

8 best places to visit in Australia in March

Places visit Australia

Australia is known for its natural wonders, wide open spaces, beaches, deserts, and many more interesting features. Australia has the most unique and interesting attractions for people of all ages.

There are several places you can visit in Australia with great activities and interesting sites.

  1. Orange- New South Wales
  2. Whitsundays- Queensland
  3. Port Arthur- Tasmania
  4. Katherine- Northern Territory
  5. Adelaide- South Australia
  6. Rottnest Island- Western Australia
  7. Port Stephens- New South Wales
  8. Exmouth- Western Australia

March holidays FAQs

1. What is the best country to visit in March?

The best country to visit in March is Paris (France).

2. Where is the best weather in March to vacation?

The best weather to vacation in March is in places like The Caribbean, Jamaica, Costa Dominican Republic and many more.

3.Where are the warmest places to visit in March?

The warmest places to visit in March are Florida, Mexico, Costa Rica and many more.

4.What is the best beach destination to visit in March?

The best beach destination to visit in March is Maharashtra (India).

5.What Islands are nice to visit in March?

The Islands that are nice to visit in March are The Barbados Island, Grenada, Antigua and many more.