10 Reasons to use a travel SIM card this festive season

10 Reasons to use a travel SIM card this festive season

What is a travel SIM card?

A travel SIM card is a cost-control SIM card that allows you to connect to a local network in various countries around the world. The SIM card helps you to avoid roaming fees that your local operator or carrier may charge when you are abroad. A travel SIM is a far more flexible option than a local SIM for frequent travelers, especially if you have several destinations.

At travSIM, we have an impressive range of different SIM cards for most countries around the world.
Our mission is to give travelers the best travel SIM card package available so that they can stay connected to family, friends, and work no matter where they are.

Reasons for using a travel SIM card this festive season

The festive season is a great time to travel as Christmas is approaching and family and friends are getting together. Using a travel SIM card while traveling this festive season will help you save roaming costs and communicate with your loved ones at very low rates anytime and anywhere.

travSIM offers one of the best travel SIM cards for travelers worldwide. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should use a travSIM travel SIM card while traveling this festive season.

Saves you money by avoiding roaming fees

A travel SIM card offers affordable internet bundles for travelers, this will help you save a lot of money while traveling abroad this festive season. Activating your travel SIM card is the first and most important thing you should consider before traveling. Calling and SMS rates are very cheap and staying in touch with friends and family becomes easier and more affordable. So, get your travel SIM card at travSIM and enjoy your Christmas vacation without worrying about paying ridiculous roaming fees.

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You Save time

When you are on vacation, every minute counts, and you don’t want to waste your time in a foreign country searching for a SIM card to connect to the internet. Not everything is as easy as it seemed when you were still in your home country. For this reason, it is advisable to buy a travSIM travel SIM card before embarking on your journey, this way, you will have all time in your hands to enjoy every minute of your festive vacation while connected and communicating constantly with your loved ones.

A travel SIM is dependable and secure

Having a travel SIM card ensures that you have a secure connection immediately after landing on your trip. You can always rely on it for any online activity you want to do while on your trip this festive season. You may want to call a family member, use an UBER app to order a taxi, or navigation app to find the hotel or a shopping center. Unlike Wi-Fi, which is easily hackable and less reliable, a travel SIM card is dependable and secure, and you can access your data alone.

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Convenient and Flexible

A travel SIM card can be purchased online which is convenient and will prohibit you from getting scammed by local SIM card sellers at airports offering prices much higher than the normal price. The SIM card is also very flexible as you can use it in remote places while on your Christmas vacation. It allows you to connect to local networks in your designated area, you will never be stagnant and stranded. Also remember, travSIM offers one size fits all SIM cards for all kinds of devices which is the triple cut/three-in-one SIM cards.

Helps you stay updated

It is with no doubt that social media has connected many people and keeps everyone updated with current affairs. To stay relevant online, you have to stay connected and a travel SIM card will allow you to connect to local networks as soon as you land your trip. This will enable you to connect to social media anytime and anywhere. You can post pictures and videos of your festive vacation to update your friends and family and also keep up with the news, weather, and many more.

It’s easy to use

Our travSIM travel SIM card is easy to use with easy-to-follow instructions, all you have to do is make sure that your phone can work abroad before going on the trip. The SIM is suitable for all SIM-lock-free phones and contains chips that allow your smartphone to connect to your desired network. So, there is no need to worry about connectivity this festive season, a travel SIM card will keep you connected at all times.

Stay connected at all times

With a travel SIM card, you can travel around the world without the need to switch SIM cards. You will be able to send SMSs, make calls and connect to any app while on the go. You don’t have to go around finding the nearest Wi-Fi connectivity because a travel SIM card ensures that you are always prepared when it comes to connectivity. At travSIM, the best travel SIM card package to ensure constant connectivity is available.

Everyone can use it

At travSIM, we offer a service to every type of traveler, be it for leisure, work, or study purposes. Our travel SIM card can be used by anyone, whether you are a student, a frequent traveler, or you travel for business or on a luxurious Christmas holiday, the SIM card can suit all your needs and budget as it comes with many features suitable for everyone. The travel SIM card can also be used in many gadgets like tablets and iPads, it is not limited to smartphones only. You can also get different plans and data limitations according to your preferences.

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Suitable for different countries

Unlike other SIM cards that can only be used in one country, travel SIM cards can be used in different countries. When you switch countries, our travSIM travel SIM card will generate a new, local number for your phone, allowing you to text, call and use data over a local network.

The SIM card has global coverage and will be a great option for when you travel this festive season. You will be connected everywhere you go. You can also top up your balance online, activate internet bundles, make calls and send SMSs while traveling to different countries.

It is compatible

A travel SIM card is made compatible with different kinds of modern devices. You can use it on a smartphone, tablet, iPad, smartwatch, and many more. So, you can switch between devices when traveling and the travel SIM will stay connected at all times. You can also receive an unplanned business call on your laptop while on your festive vacation and then switch back to your smartphone for more flexibility when you are done and ready to take part in amazing activities on your trip.

To sum up

Buying a travel SIM card while traveling abroad is a necessity for all international travelers as it will make your trip easy, cheap, and convenient. Ordering a travel SIM card at travSIM is an easy and convenient process. Order yours now and enjoy your festive with peace of mind.