Things to do on Germany’s Rügen Island (2022 Tourist guide) 

Things to do on Germany’s Rügen Island (2022 Tourist guide) 

Are you ready for the adventure and experience of a lifetime? whether you are traveling for a holiday, work, or just a sneaky cheesy adventure? Germany’s Island is just the place for you. You can go solo or take friends and family with you. Let us look at some of the things to do on the Island of Rügen.

From sandy shores to chalky cliffs. You can have a variety of sightseeing locations and historical monuments. Travelling is one of the best things someone can do.

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Get the best experience at Strandpromenade on Rugen Island

Welcome to Strandpromenade. This beach promenade is surrounded by blue oceans and soft white sand slipping between your toes. It is about 4km of a pure coastal area surrounded by small villas. Inclusive of a luxurious historic hotel built in 1908.

One of the most refreshing scenic broadways on Rügen Island. Enjoy a beautiful taste of German culture by having lunch. There are unique and exciting restaurants located within the villa. After a tasty meal, You can then walk through the villa enjoying a different cultural experience. Has a range of shops to look at from souvenir shops to gift shops to locals selling homemade products. It is definitely an experience to enjoy.

That is not all, there’s also the benefit of a view of some of the most beautiful historical architecture. After your day at Strandpromenade, You can book yourself in for the night at their most historic building now transformed into a luxurious hotel. Found in front of a beautiful pier, so in case you feel like that midnight stroll just steps out onto the long pier to enjoy the calming of the waters around you.

One of the best perks about this visit is, that it is suitable for solo travelers and family vacations. Yes, it is affordable too. Who could want more? Thanks to travSIM we can now enjoy the Perks of traveling and being able to find out the next extravagant activity to do on the Rügen Islands.

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Seebruecke Sellin.

As you can see this looks interesting. Getting the best of all worlds. whether you want to enjoy the day on the beach or simply enjoy different events and activities. Many don’t understand the attraction or Point of this sight or landmark. The treasure with Seebruecke Sellin is its pier.

The pier is historic and has been there since the 1930s. If you’re coming from the town it is said to be rather a steep downhill distance,
There are stairs, However, not everyone enjoys those so yes there are alternative options to make your way to ensure you don’t miss out.

along the historic pier, you can find amazing restaurants, with great service and enjoyable food with a breathtaking view.

For desert, you can pop over to the well-known and recommended ice-scream shop.
With a high rating, this is a place to check out. especially considering its historic architecture.

The building itself takes you back to the comfort of modernization.
After admiring the décor and beauty of this site, you can take a bicycle ride.

This starts under the pier for a duration between 30-40min enjoy the view of the Baltic sea.
This is one of the top-rated things to do on Rügen Island Germany.


Naturerbe Zentrum.

What is Naturerbe Zentrum Rugen Island

Naturerbe Zentrum is a unique attraction on Rügen island that climbs as high as 40meters. There is a magnificent view over the chalk-white cliffs. and is located in a nature reserve. It is a tour that takes you up and through a canopy forest.

It is extraordinary and unique due to its architectural history but also because the tower was built around a 30-meter-high copper beech. The Naturerbe Zentrum tower spirals its way up and around the tree trunk, giving you detailed insights into the tree’s life and habitat.

It is rather the experience to have as it has some of the most breathtaking views. This tree top walk has different levels of modernized education centers, giving you a brief tour of the structure and its elements and habitat.

There are detailed and informative boards along the walk that provide visitors of all ages with informative and exciting facts on the tree species, and its natural habitat.

It’s affordable and family-friendly. One of the most exciting facts about Naturerbe Zentrum is that once you reach the top or as some call it “Eagle’s Nest platform” you’ll see the whole of Rügen Island. That must be exciting.

Hanomag Tours.

Take a ride back to the 60s. This tour guide gives you a real feel for what life was like back in the day. If you’re keen to learn about Berlin and learn about some of Germany’s great war architecture, then this is just for you.

This tour gives you a real idea of Rügen Island via agricultural roads and district roads/off-road away from busy tourist spots. If you’re lucky to go in the winter season you’re most likely guaranteed a traditional German soup on the tour to keep the cultural experience blooming.

You are taken through the different villas and cities. This tour is great if you want to know more about the island and its history. Saves time as we aren’t always able to travel around to each site and learn about each landmark.

This is more of a couple/ solo event. I wouldn’t recommend for kids as they might find this sort of adventure boring.

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Byzntze 1813

Spoil yourself to a night out on the town.
Byntze 1318 is a beautiful and extravagant cocktail bar with fine dining.

Its character is well-balanced between modernized and classic style elements.
At the Byntze you’ll only receive top-notch quality with really good service. there is such a wide variety of drinks to choose from.

These wouldn’t be low-key drinks you find at your common bars or pubs. These are cocktails created by different individuals.

The satisfaction is you get the best of both worlds. Unique and exquisite fine dining with a range of delicious-tasting cocktails and drinks.

With its beautiful architecture to intrigue you with a soft warm gentle atmosphere.
Instead of staring at four modern blank walls, you get to enjoy the detailed historic décor in the building.

Jasmund National Park
Jasmund National Park

want a fun-filled day with the beautiful and amazing creature? Then this is just the place for you and your family.

This wildlife park is suited to Rügen Island. 

In 2001 it had over 27000 Visitors which is an outstanding large amount of people. So it must be exciting. The Tierpark is home to about 60 different species, that’s over 250 animals to go and visit and learn about. There’s nothing more enjoyable.

Not only do you get to enjoy a diversity of animals but you can also grab some snacks at the kiosks which cater to a variety of people. It has play parks for kids, a petting zoo, and an educational trail.

So enjoy your day, go for a lovely picnic, and let the kids roam free at the play parks. Here is a list of animals that can be found at this wildlife park.

  • Magpie
  • Owls
  • Gray Wolf
  • Wildcats
  • Horses
  • Eagle’s.

Don’t worry there’s a lot more than just that. Just visit them whilst taking a trip to Germany’s Rügen Island.

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 Visit the BinzStand for fun outdoor activities and interesting things to do for the whole family.

Take a stroll on the beach of Binzer. This beautiful beach is often occupied by residents from the villa and tourists.

The beach sand is soft and white with stunning sky blue oceans. It’s surrounded by villas and locals with their talented skills. You’ll often find different activities to attend to.

  • Making delicious candy
  • Gift shops
  • Ice-cream carts
  • Entertainment for tourists
  • Restaurants

these are just some things to do that could be fun to do on Binzer beaches whilst exploring the surrounding historical villas. The beauty behind it is the fact that it gives off a feeling of vintage but modernization mixed. It’s a treasure to fine dine in one of Germany’s historical wooden buildings. Giving you an unforgettable experience.

have an afternoon treat and support a local ice-cream stall and enjoy some breathtaking views along the beach or the piers around lit up by beautiful lights.

You’ll leave there feeling like you’ve been in a fairytale. So don’t forget to check it out on your visit to Rügen Island in Germany.

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StrandBar 28 .
Something exciting to do is spend an evening at StrandBar 28 on the Island of Rugen.

Often places like Germany get avoided due to people not knowing enough about it or what it has. Rügen Island offers one of many beach bars as it’s an island.

The Vibe is often free-flowing and relaxing. Music is playing in the background, well lit up with some of the most beautiful scenery. I mean where else would be a better place to relax with a drink?

Toes in the sand and an exquisite drink in the hand. Paradise in Germany, who would ever think?
Beach Bars are really fun as the atmosphere is relaxing and peaceful.

There are Good services and inventive drinks. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?
At the Strand28 you get to enjoy ordering a meal and your drinks.

You can enjoy this under a cozy covered Couch seating area. It has the most beautiful table setups. This is a must. It is perfect for both the family and solo tourists. It is also suitable for both day and night.

Fischerei Hafenmuseum.
Get a tour onboard Rugen Islands museum vessels.

All abroad. Get the most vintage rustic feel while exploring and experiencing the Fischerei Hafenmuseum.
This is not your ordinary museum, so if you are a fisherman or interested in how they caught them then this vessel is just for you.

This is one of the only left preserved vessels of its kind and is rather a gem to the island. It was founded as a museum in 1996. It’s been growing ever since.

Some exciting things to do onboard would be to just try to experience what it was like back in that time. There are interesting exhibitions to look at, Education boards.
This tour explains how they brought fishing into their economy to save costs and still afford food.

You will also experience and learn about the living and working conditions of the fishermen who lived abroad.
You’ll get to see all the equipment and exciting tools they used to operate those fishing days.

This could be fun just to get a different feel to the cultural history of Germany Rügen island rather than all the pre-historic war monuments and landmarks.
So be sure to check out this very unique treasure on Rügen Island.

Explore the magical forest on Rugen Island.

This piece of paradise is just so magical. An Island on an island. That is exactly what Vilm is.

So if you’re keen for a break away from your extraordinary visit to Rügen Island then get away to Vilm Island. this magical forest is just 5km off the shores of Rügen island.

It is absolutely beautiful and peaceful with many trails to discover and bike rides to enjoy. The scenery is just breathtaking.

Below is a schedule and guide as to how the tour is operated.

  • the guided tour will start and end at a certain time with a duration of 3 hours.
  • At the start of the tour, everyone will meet publically.
  • A motorized boat will then take you to the island of Vilm.
  • It takes an estimated 15 Minutes to travel from Rügen Island to the Island of Vilm
  • The guide will then take you through a beautiful magical scenic route of about 3km.
  • The total estimated duration of the tour is 150minutes.
  • Unfortunately, this is not wheelchair friendly or for people with walking disabilities.

these are just a few among many awesome and exciting things to do on Rügen Island Germany.

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Germany’s Rügen Island FAQS
  • What are the coolest things to do on Rügen Island?

The coolest thing to do on the Island of Rügen is to go visit the Strandpromenade. 

  • What is the most popular tourist attraction?

The most popular attraction of Rügen Island is the Seebreucke. 

  • How long is Rügen Island?

Rügen Island is 51.4km (31.94miles) long. 

  • When is the best time to visit Rügen Island?

The best time to visit Rügen Island is in the summer. 

  • How many days do you need for a tour of Rügen Island?

To have a tour of Rügen Island you will need between 4-6 days at most. 

  • How do you get to Rügen Island?

You can travel to Rügen Island Via bus, train or car. 

  • How big is the Island of Rügen?

Rügen Island is big enough to accommodate 77000 people or more, the total area is 926.4m squared

  • Where exactly is Rügen Island?

Rügen Island is located in the state of Mecklenburg- Germany.

  • How many towns are there on Rügen Island?

The Island of Rügen consists of 4 verified towns and has 45 municipalities under those towns. 

  • In what district of Germany is Rügen Island?

Rügen Island is Located in the Vorpommern district of Germany.