5 Social benefits of international travel (2022 Tourist guide)

5 Social benefits of international travel (2022 Tourist guide)

Human beings are social animals. We thrive on human interaction.

Travelling is a very social experience. It allows you to make friends abroad and lets you build a network which will help you during your lifetime.

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What is social travel

Social travel is a trend which is on the rise as more and more solo travelers around the world seek to meet new people (locals) and engage with different cultures of the world.

It is not a new concept at all as there have always been travel enthusiasts with itchy feet seeking out to explore the world & people.

Travel checklist when going abroad

There are certain things that should be on your checklist before you travel abroad.

  • Have you booked your accommodation?
  • Do you know how to get around in the destination that you are visiting?
  • Will you have connectivity when travelling?

Planning a trip abroad? make use of a top travel app.

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How to remain connected during international trips

Connectivity when travelling is vitally important. It not only allows you to share your experiences with family and friends, it ensures that you are able to respond to any emergency that you may encounter on your travels.

The best way to remain connected is to access a mobile operator network. Ensure that you enable international roaming on your phone or make use of an international Sim card.

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Social travel benefit 1: Travel on a limited budget

Unless you are super-rich with plenty of money, you would like to travel on a budget so that you can save on cost and explore more places.

Social travel allows you to do just that as with a travel companion you can share your trip expenses starting from accommodation charges to cab fares or tickets. Before you start your journey, just ensure to plan your trip well with your trip buddy so that you don’t face any ambiguity later. Traveling with a local can help you to save money as he/she can provide you info about the cheapest restaurants to have good local food, take you for a free city tour or help you to book the most affordable hotel to lodge in.

It is almost impossible these days to imagine planning a trip without the use of technology.

Social travel benefit 2: See more places in less time

In the past, tourists were required to visit a travel agent to book flight tickets or hotel and go through different travel magazines to get the requisite info before taking a trip.

But now, all of this can be done comfortably at any place as you just need a laptop or a smartphone with an internet connection.

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Social travel benefits 3: Expand your social circle

The world is full of interesting personalities. Extrovert travellers can easily expand their social circle while traveling solo & interacting with locals on the road. People who not so extrovert can opt for a social travel app to chat & meet fellow travellers or locals to connect with them and share exciting travel stories with each other.

Travelers may end up getting a long-term travel friend while tripping together. Also, some people are always ready to share experiences and give tips to travellers. Solo travellers can always pick up free tips from experienced travellers and travel bloggers & use the same while on the road.

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Social travel benefits 4: Have more personalized and unique experiences

Modern travellers, more than ever want to have customized and unique experiences while traveling. Solo travel makes it possible as you can travel like a local by pairing up with a local individual or group belonging to the city you desire to visit.

Connecting with a local allows you to stay at their place (if they allow), build new friendships and experience a destination in a much more authentic & local way. To have a personalized trip, chat with locals who matches your preferences and personality. You can make your imagination run wild and actually end up experiencing a real version of your dream trip with your local travel companion.

Social travel benefits 5: Inspire other travelers to take your route

More and more travelers are turning up solo to break the internet with their inspiring travel stories. You can be one of them.

When you share your travel pictures or stories from the trips you took on your Instagram or Facebook, other people or travel enthusiasts or wannabe travelers will often be inspired to visit to take up the same route & experience it. Likewise, you can take inspiration from other travelers too. Joining a social travel site is a great way to share and gather travel information about places to visit, discover secret travel destinations that are less explored, and motivate each other to come out of the comfort zone to experience the unusual.

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Travel benefits FAQ’s

  • What is couch surfing?

Couch surfing is when you travel abroad and stay in other peoples houses in exchange for watching their pets, watering their plants or house sitting.

  • How do it get the best out of social travelling?

To optimise your social travelling experience make sure you interact with the locals and plan your trip using a top travel app.

  • When is the best time to travel?

Summer is traditionally when many people around the world can take a long vacation. The challenge with this is that it is the peak tourist season in many countries. To get around this, travel at the end of spring or the beginning of fall will most likely put you outside of this period.

  • What is thew main benefit of social travel?

Connecting with a local allows you to stay at their place (if they allow), build new friendships and experience a destination in a much more authentic & local way. To have a personalized trip, chat with locals who matches your preferences and personality.

  • Is social travel safe?

Most apps that connect you with a social travelling partner do extensive checks on your partner before allowing them to be on their service.