Top 5 Best Travel budget apps (2022 Travel app guide)

Top 5 Best Travel budget apps (2022 Travel app guide)

Some people have the opportunity to travel extensively, for others, an international vacation may only be a once in a lifetime experience.  No matter your circumstances, you always get a different experience when traveling abroad and everyone wants to make sure that these experiences are memorable.

Often, a gift or a curio is the best way to bring back the memories of a special trip. For others, it is a meal that will help them remember having that same meal in their dream destination. For others, seeing the wonder and delight on their child’s face when they walk through Disney World in Orlando, Florida, or Lego Land in Billund, Denmark.

While you want your trip to be a memorable experience, travelling can be expensive. Make sure that you download a travel budget app which will help you get the best experience without hurting your pocket.

Ensure that you are always connected when traveling abroad by making use of a travel SIM card.


PocketGuard is a popular travel budget app.

Best Features:

  • Link all of your financial accounts and cards to this app, and it will automatically update and categorize your spending in real time.
  • PocketGuard then tells you what spending money you have with the “in my pocket” feature.
  • PocketGuard automatically builds you a spending budget based on income, bills, and the goals you set.

Pricing: Free

Downloads: Pocket Guard | Expense Manager (Android) 4 star rating, 10 000 downloads | PocketGuard Budget, Bill, Debt (iOS) 4.7 star rating.

Make sure that you plan your next international vacation my making use of a top travel app.

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Tripcoin is a popular travel budget app.

Best Features:

  • Tripcoin lets you enter in your expenses per day and even works offline.
  • It then processes your spending to give you a spending summary of your trip, which you can export for other uses.

Pricing: Free

Downloads: Tripcoin – Travel budget (iOS) 4.8 star rating, 10 000 downloads.

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Trip Expense Manager

Trip Expense Manager is a popular travel budget app.

Best Features:

  • For each trip you take, you can add Google users, a list of places to go, and expenses, and even mark who paid which bill.

Price: Free

Downloads: Trip Expense Manager (Android) 4.8 stars, 100 000 downloads.

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TravelSpend is a popular travel budget app.

Best Features:

  • You add expenses as they happen (the app works offline and even converts foreign currencies) and the app tracks your spending by total and by day.
  • You can even follow your spending on a map throughout your vacation.

Pricing: Free

Downloads: TravelSpend – Track Travel Expenses & Trip Budget (Android) 4.8 star rating, 100 000 downloads | TravelSpend: Travel Budget App (iOS) 4.8 star rating.

International roaming is another way to ensure that you remain connected when travelling abroad.

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Wally is a popular travel budget app.

  • Wally connects to your current financial accounts and tracks your spending so you can get a handle on your cash flow and spending by category.
  • Wally is useful because unlike some of the other budgeting apps, it lets you use private groups for managing trip spending or other budgets.

Pricing: Free

Downloads: Wally: Smart Personal Finance (iOS) 3.9 star rating, over 10 000 downloads.

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Travel budget app FAQ

  • Will I be able to track my spending in real time when using a travel budget app?

One of the key features of a travel budget app is the ability to not only track your spending in real time, but to also load any costs that you know about before hand so that you can build a customised budget.

  • Will I need to be always connected when using a travel budget app?

While connectivity will allow you to access all of the features within a travel budget app, most apps do have the capability to work offline.

  • Will the travel budget app that I am using track my spending in my preferred currency?

Most travel budget apps allow users the capability to change the currency to their currency of choice as well as the currency used in the destination that they are travelling to.

  • In terms of privacy, is it safe to use travel budget apps?

Most apps are designed to adhere to stringent privacy regulations. In order to ensure that your app adheres to the latest privacy regulations, make sure that you are downloading the latest version of the app.

  • How is the best way to stay connected when travelling abroad?

The best way to remain connected is to connect though the mobile operator network of the country that you are visiting. To do this, ensure that you have enabled international roaming or are using a travel SIM card. Alternatively make use of the WIFI that is supplied at hotels or restaurants.