Top 5 Best travel itinerary apps (2022 Tourist guide)

Top 5 Best travel itinerary apps (2022 Tourist guide)

People travel for different reasons. Some people go to destination like Mauritius to soak in the sun and read their book by the poolside. I, on the other hand, prefer scuba diving and snorkelling. My wife wants to travel to the UK to visit museums, I just want to watch a football game.    

The reason why you are travelling is immaterial, it is all made easy with a travel itinerary app.

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Tripit is an all-in-one travel itinerary planner.

Best Features:

  • After downloading the app, you’ll be able to establish master itineraries for all of your upcoming travels.
  • As you make reservations (for flights, hotels, car rentals, shuttles, and even restaurants or salons), you can simply forward those emails to
  • TripIt will also auto-sync with your favourite calendar.

Pricing: Free

Download: TripIt: Travel Planner (iOS) 4.8 star rating | TripIt: Travel Planner (Android) 4.6 star rating, over 5 million downloads.

Planning an international vacation? Make use of a top travel app.

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TravelBank is a travel itinerary app designed with the business traveller in mind.

Best Features:

  • You can book flights through the app, earn and track travel rewards, automate your work-related expenses, track mileage, estimate the cost of your trip based on local data, and even submit documents for reimbursement.
  • TravelBank allows you to book your itinerary to match your coworkers’.
  • You can simply snap a mobile picture to scan in your latest hotel or meal ticket. You can track your trip’s budget, too, ensuring that you stay within your limits or the area’s per diem rate.

Pricing: Free

Download: TravelBank Expenses and Travel (iOS) 4.6 star rating | TravelBank – Travel & Expenses (Android) 4 star rating, over 50 000 downloads.

Are you wondering how many times your favourite travel app has been downloaded?

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Travel Republic

Travel Republic is a multidimensional app that allows you to plan multiple parts of your trip using one interface.

Best Features:

  • Exclusive discounts available for app users
  • Create and save shortlists of your favourite hotels
  • Easily manage your bookings on the go

Pricing: Free

Download: Travel Republic (iOS) 3.2 star rating | Travel Republic, Holiday Hotel (Android) 4 star rating, 100 000 downloads.

Do you know what a travel app is and the benefits that they can offer you?

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Trip case is an all-in-one app that allows you to plan multiple elements of your vacation.

Best Features:

  • TripCase will help you establish an itinerary.
  • The app will also help you track expenses.
  • Forward your confirmation emails to TripCase, and they’ll even update your itinerary automatically.

Pricing: Free

Download: TripCase (iOS) 2.9 star rating| TripCase – Travel Organizer (Android) 4.3 star rating, over 1 million downloads

Remaining connected when you are travelling abroad is important.

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Sygic Travel

Sygic Travel is a navigation app that highlights the top recommended restaurants and tourist sites along your journey.

Best Features:

  • You can plot out sightseeing, book a hotel based on proximity to certain landmarks, and even route your walking or driving directions.
  • The app will give you endless info on tourist areas, exciting nightlife options, shows and events, or even tours you may want to take.
  • After reading Sygic’s thorough info on each, you can choose to add it to your travel plans.

Pricing: Free

Download: Sygic Travel Maps Offline (iOS) 4.6 star rating| Sygic Travel Maps Trip Planner (Android) 4.1 star rating, over 1 million downloads.

International roaming can be expensive. However, there are ways to avoid them.

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Travel Itinerary websites

NameDescriptionBest forSearches on GoogleCost
ScoutScout is a navigation app that helps you build an itinerary with recommendations.Best travel planner for cities with detailed mapOver 20 000Free
PuffinPuffin is a navigation app that helps you plan the most convenient tripFinding the best commute or route for your travel itinerary.Over 20 000Free
Travel TroveTravel Trove is a itinerary building app that provides information on key sights at your desired location.Detailed travel planner for multi-city trips.Over 20 000Free
Travel MapperTravel Mapper is a navigation app that syncs with Google and  helps you build an itinerary with recommendations.Google Sheets travel itinerary with live mapOver 20 000Free
PlipLike Waze, Plip is a navigation app that uses live maps that are crowd sourced with top recommendations of key tourist sights.Mobile-first collaborative trip planner with mapsOver 20 000Free

There are significant benefits to travelling abroad.

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One of the best features of travel itinerary apps is that most of them are crowd sourced. Therefore, you know you are travelling to a location/sight that is popular with other tourists. This will help you maximise your travelling experience.

Travel itinerary apps FAQ

  • How do I know if I am using a top travel itinerary app?

When considering downloading an app, look out for the star rating that the app carries as well as the number of times it has been downloaded

  • What are the advantages of itinerary apps using crowd sourcing?

Crowd sourcing is changing the way apps are developed. The advantages of crowd sourcing is that travellers make recommendations based on their experiences. That way, you will know if you should add something to your itinerary or avoid it.

  • Will I have to use multiple travel itinerary apps to plan my trip?

No. Most travel itinerary apps allow you to plan multiple elements of your vacation in one place. Further, some apps will sync your bookings into an itinerary list.

  • Will I always need connectivity when using a travel itinerary app?

Most itinerary apps work best if they are connected to the internet. However, some apps do offer some offline capabilities provided that information is uploaded while you are connected.

  • Will my information remain private when using a travel itinerary app?

Most apps are designed to adhere to strict privacy laws and standards. The information that you use in a app should remain private. If you are really concerned about this, consider downloading a VPN app.