5 Unique German Christmas markets in 2022

5 Unique German Christmas markets in 2022

Treat your family to an extraordinary Christmas Holiday. Its that time of the year again where most people are on the search for the end year festivals and holiday destinations. Another Trend to keep in mind when it comes to cost is social media trends. Now although Christmas is family orientated, we are not always able to be with them. Lucky for you , travSIM allows you to travel with cheaper roaming services and solutions. There are a variety of interesting and fun things to do and see this Christmas. Now for the exciting part , this blog gives you further detail on 5 Unique German Christmas Markets in 2022.

Unique German Christmas markets-Düsseldorf

German Christmas Market.

Düsseldorf Christmas market is one of a kind. A Christmas market where a handful of tourists enjoy taking their families. From exciting scenery to delicious traditional Christmas meals, you’ll find it all. This Christmas treasure offers a warm Christmas-spirited atmosphere, surrounded by burning candles, Christmas carols, and bright twinkling lights.

Here are a few exciting things to jump on board when visiting just one of the Unique German Christmas markets.

  • A giant ferries wheel
  • 1,700m Squared ice rink 
  •  Childs play tent

The Düsseldorf Christmas markets are in the city center close to the Altstadt, known as the Old Town area. There are a handful of dining features that serve traditional treats made locally. A must-have in X-mas time is Gluhwein. Gluhwein is a unique German beverage and would be found almost everywhere around the German X-mas markets.

Aside from this beverage, here is a list of traditional must-have meals.

  • Bratwurst sausages
  • Reibekuchun- Potato pancake
  • Flammkuchen- German pizza

After your meal, look at the most beautiful and gigantic ferries wheel. You’ll enjoy the scenic view of the Düsseldorf Christmas markets and experience all the shiny Christmas lights.

The Dusseldorf Christmas market runs through from: November 17th – December 30th.

Opening Hours for the markets within the Dusseldorf Christmas markets.

Sunday – Thursday starting from 11:00am until 8:00pm

Friday – Saturday starting from 11:00am until 9:00pm

Unique German Christmas Markets in Karlsruhe

German Christmas markets in  Karlsruhe.

There are two main markets found in the town of Karlsruhe. One of which is found within Friedrichsplatz and the other in the heart of Marktplatz. Karlsruhe is unfortunately often overlooked by tourists however they host some of the best Xmas markets throughout Germany. These Christmas markets are like a step into a true Christmas fairytale.

The flying Santa that arrives at 5 pm and again at 7 pm is a well-spoken-about feature when it comes to the Christmas markets in Germany. This feature encourages the Christmas spirit and gets the kids ready and excited.

There are plenty of stalls to visit with fresh local Xmas treats, and yes as mentioned you will find Gluhwein.

The opening times for this market are: From November 24th  December 23rd

Every day from 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

There is another Market not too long from Friedrichsplatz. This one is eccentric. It’s a little different, If you want to know what Christmas was like back in the day, then this medieval market is just the place for you. Browse through the medieval trinkets, and Historic features, grab a warm Christmas drink at the brewing tents and absorb the atmosphere of this Unique Christmas market.

Thankfully these two Christmas markets are located within the city center, and if you’ve planned a weekend away, you’ll want to find cheap yet still luxurious accommodation. Below listed are two accommodation settings within walking distance of each Christmas market.

  • Kaisenhof hotel
  • Novatel Karlsruhe hotel

Don’t miss out on this dreamy event which is ideal for those peaceful evening strolls with the whole family.

Munich Christmas markets Germany

Munich Christmas market Germany

Munich has a Varity of Christmas markets through the festive season. These Christmas markets are some of the oldest of all Christmas markets to be hosted in Germany . Choose from a variety of wide spread fun and activities to enjoy and intake. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting small Christmas features within the markets

Here is a list of the most common Christmas and New Year’s eve fixtures that take place from November through to January.

  • Pink Christmas market
  • Reinder market
  • Sendlinger Tor market.
  • Neuhauser market.

When exploring the Munich Christmas markets you’ll get to experience nativity plays, delicious foods, fairgrounds, and a kid’s entertainment center. Regardless of what you choose to do this December, there are a variety of places to see and things to do. Let it be known that when you land at Munich Airport during the festive season, you will be landing at a direct Xmas market itself, Hence it is known to be a Unique German Christmas market.

It’s a great idea to book for a weekend so make sure to get those reservations in for these awesome and highly recommended places to stay in Munich. Because it’s the festive season, prices are generally higher, so if you want to get those discounts in, Book earlier.

If you are traveling with your family then book a room at the Torbräu hotel which is perfectly suited for families. It is situated within walking distance of most of the markets as its discovered in the center of Munich. There is private parking and close-by transport amenities in case you feel like leaving the car.

Celle Christmas market Germany

Celle Christmas market Germany

This time of the year is always heartwarming when surrounded by decorative and well lit sidewalks. Stalls, filled with so many of the most creative trinkets sold by locals. A Historical old town that gives it a Rustic , vintage feel to it around the Christmas season, Sometimes as much as we like modern, we love the smell of rustic fires, with lit candles and the sound of Christmas carols in the background.

Celle, located north of Germany was awarded a title of the “best Christmas City” due to its festive seasons being so creative and warm spirited. There is an abundance of heartfelt activities to take part in. watch live performances including Christmas carols and nativity plays. Let the kids play and be entertained at the kids center. There is also Devine cuisine to indulge on while wondering down the beautiful decorated allies.

In front of the Palace there is a gigantic Ice rink, really setting the mood, weather to let your kids play or really treat your partner to one on one time with them enduring the happiness and laughter echoing around the plaza. Celle Christmas market is rated the number 1 out of the 5 Unique German Christmas markets thus making it just that more exciting to explore.

Opening- Closing times of Celle Christmas market.

24 November – 28 December 2022

Sunday – Thursday : 11: 00 AM – 20:00 PM

Friday- Saturday : 11:00 AM – 21:00 PM

Closed on Christmas day.

25th & 26th December : 12;00 PM – 20:00 PM

Christmas markets in Berlin Germany
Christmas markets in Berlin Germany

Again there are a variety of Christmas markets to explore within the town of Berlin. Take a look at one of the most spoken-about Christmas markets throughout Berlin. The Gendarmen market is the most unique in Berlin, with a range of exciting activities to do and stalls to see.

This market is set out downtown Berlin in the city Plaza which is based directly in front of the city’s famously known palace. There is a concert hall where there is entertainment for all, with beautifully decorated Christmas trees surrounding the square plaza and throughout the entire Christmas market.

Dive into the amazing and traditionally festive cuisines and the well-known Gluhwein and if that doesn’t top off your Christmas adventure, this market holds an extra gem of a surprise. To end off with a bang, expect DJs with a set and fireworks. What a Devine way to end the year and start a new one. Be sure to check this Christmas market out to get all the best in one place.

Everyone needs a break now and then. A new adventure, an exciting holiday, or simply just to visit long distant friends and family during the festive seasons, So take that adventurous festive Holiday now and save yourself extra mobile and data travel costs by purchasing a German SIM card. and let travSIM be your guide and solution to making your festive vacations a more memorable one.

German Xmas markets FAQs
  • When do the German Christmas markets start?
  • The Berlin Christmas markets start anywhere from the 17th November.
  • What’s the best Xmas town in Germany?
  • The best Xmas town in Germany is Celle.
  • What is the traditional German Beverage at Xmas Time?
  • Gluhwein is the most common beverage to have in Germany at Xmas markets.
  • When do German Christmas markets come to an end ?
  • German Christmas markets usually come to an around the 27th/28th of December.
  • What is the most traditional German Xmas food?
  • The main meals consist of a source of proteins like duck, or a roast with sides.